September 17, 2007


3:18 PM
It's official, the Skankin' Pickle years are officially over. Though the pickle disbanded in 1996, today is the end. Why today you ask? Well, after spending hours cleaning out my my old bedroom, I ended up throwing away every letter the band had received from 1990-1996. What a strange experience. To be honest it was kind of hard letting go of these letters. I found myself wanting to keep these so I could reminisce on the early years of my adulthood. There were lots of letters. Not just a few hundred, but thousands!! Continuing my quest of downsizing, the letters need/needed to go.
bye letters
be good
recycle well

I couldn't help but read through some of the old letters/postcards and it definitely brought back great memories. If I looked through every single one, I'd spennd weeks reading and reading. Here's a few fun ones though. Here's a postcard from the girl who plays SPIKE on DEGRASSI THE NEXT GENERATION:

And here's a drawing from the singer of MONKEY.

dated 1991.

I remember getting this one, which was directions for plugging in a pickle and watching it glow.

I remembered a lot of the names and could even put faces to some, wondering where these people were now? Even the youngest of fans were now at least in their mid-twenties, dealing with the next phase of their lives. Geez, that truly was a simple time for me. For 7 years I did nothing, but play in a band. No responsibilities of school or work. I lived in various places throughout the bay area, looking for whatever my small salary of playing in a band could afford. And though it was definitely not all fun and games, I now look back with fondness of my18-24 adult years.

When I started playing solo acoustic in 2004, I had thought a lot of these old fans would return to see me in my new musical venture. And though some have, it's nowhere near what the number used to be. It's a bit sad to be honest. Not that I care if there's huge crowds out to see me, I just miss the really amazing people I met through the years. What kind of person would let 6 total strangers sleep at their house. And these people were some of the best. How I wish I kept in touch. I guess as long as I keep touring, more and more of these people of the past will pop up again. I surely hope so.

Mike Park