May 06, 2009

9:28 AM(manchester, UK)
Well, it's computer is on the coputz.. which is a made up word, but i think you understand. am i correct?

well, the ease of blogging while on the train will now be permanently put to rest. the only thing i can offer are quick blasts of information whenever i can get to an internet cafe or a brief period of time at somebody's home amongst a sea of others waiting to use the internet.

we are now 5 days into the uk tour and after two amazing shows in Cambridge and Kingston, i played one of the worst shows of my life in manchester. without going into to much detail, i can only say that the experience was so disheartening after such a great show last year. This time through i battled through so much crowd banter, that i went into the protective shell of closing my eyes and just playing my songs. i only played 7 songs that lasted a healthy 18 minutes. i grabbed my guitar, headed to the front door, and went for a long walk. called my wife and just tried to cool down.

oh well. this is trivial stuff in the big picture of life, but i still hate shows like this. the saving grace was seeing my friend lou. she's always so nice and welcoming. we stayed at her home last night and she made us pasta and we all got bedding, so it was quite a blessing.

we are off to southampton today. 4 hrs 37 minutes on the train. fun fun
mike park