May 13, 2011

Happy Friday!!
Allergy season is driving me to an early death. Sneezing non stop makes for comic fodder on tv, but in real life it sucks. And don't get me started how much my eyes itch.

Other than hay fever I'm rockin as hard as I can at the soon to be age of 42. As my hair gray's more and more each day I can only reminisce of the days of shiny black hair, but the summer sun only magnifies my impending fall from youthful exterior.

Though my heart will always be young, my ability to blend in with the 20 somethings are perhaps numbered. HA!!

Good thing my job requires me to be surrounded around music. At least the teenagers know this and I'm not knows as that old dude at shows. Gosh darn it. I like music and I like going to shows. I hope I still enjoy it when I turn 50.
peace, mike park