October 13, 2006

2:05 PM
It's Friday and I haven't written all week. Me=Bad

"So here's the thing, we started out friends. It was cool it was all pretend" Ummmm.... Sorry..
That's Kelly Clarkson, she is my new favorite artist. I can't stop listening. I wonder if she'd be my friend? Maybe I'll stalk her. Like I stalked the character Spike from Degrassi. Now we're friends. But I'm a lot older now and would probably get a restraining order against me.

Wonder if she knows who I am?? I doubt it. But who knows? Some of the strangest people in the world have contacted me to say they are fans. Avril Lavigne knows who I am? She wrote me an email a few years ago to say she liked Asian Man Records. Usually it's bands like Taking Back Sunday who grew up listening to SKA and then they'll meet me and say "Oh man, I am a big fan.. BLAH BLAH BLAH..."

And then I'd get random calls from people like once Joey Ramone called me to see if I could help out a band he was managing called the Independents. Damn, I should have saved that message. I used to save messages all the time. I have some good ones from Margaret Cho calling and leaving long messages cause she used to friggin like me!! Yeah...ME. I'm the best!! BIG STAR BIG STAR.

That's what my mom says to every band that comes over. It's like clock work. She'll say "Hi....!! You're big star!!"

And they smile and think she's a real cool mom, but ya know.. After they leave she'll say "They don't look like they can become stars". When she first saw Matt Skiba, she said "He's a good looking guy". But then when Jason Thinh from Short Round came over, she said "Oh no... He's so small and bad skin". Damn...
Mike Park